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16 July 2020

GAA players go six months without anti-doping testing. Intercounty GAA players have received a six-month 'loophole' with regards to anti-doping testing as Sport Ireland will restart the process in line with the return of training in September. GAA is the only sport in Ireland without any deterrent or direct detection. Head of anti-doping for Sport Ireland, Dr Una May says that some might see it as a 'loophole' but ensures that improved intelligence and profiling could still potentially detect breaches.

New study finds rugby players suffer five times more injuries than other athletes. A new study published in Sports Medicine has revealed that professional rugby players are at risk of suffering over five times more injuries than athletes playing non-contact sports. Meanwhile, amateur players suffer three times as many injuries as other athletes. Furthermore, 51% of retired players have reported osteoarthritis diagnoses.  

UK gymnast Sam Oldham says there is a lack of mental health support in the sport. UK gymnast Sam Oldham has spoken out against British Gymnastics saying that he felt there was not sufficient mental health support for athletes. This comes at a time where the organisation is under investigation for cases of physical and emotional abuse. British Gymnastics responded saying that Oldham was provided with extensive support during his time on the programme, and the six months after he left.


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